In June 2017, we lost one of our very dear investigator friends to cancer. In Alan Parry's memory we are hoping to raise funds for The Dorothy House Hospice who cared for him in his final days. If you'd like to donate, click the  Dorothy House logo and give generously.                                       With our thanks x

Bath Moonlight Walk 2017 with  

We had a spot on BBC Wiltshire Radio at Halloween 2018 as they joined us on an investigation in Devizes Town Hall...

BBC Wiltshire
Spiriteam/Ghost Response

Filming with Spiriteam for 'Ghost Response'  

    Exciting activity with celebrity ghost hunter                                 Ray Jorden!            

One of the many newspaper articles reporting the Antrobus Lantern story, January 2017

Paranormal Files Magazine

Mill House investigation, featured in Paranormal Files Magazine  January 2018

Photo taken from the Swindon Advertiser, reporting an investigation at the Health Hydro, Swindon. 22/5/17

Haunted Magazine

Featured in several issues of  'Haunted' Magazine.

*We do not consider Victorian Parlour Games to be be true spirit communication and do not use them during investigations. However, they are popular at events and are used, as they should be for entertainment purposes.