Paranormal Hampshire An A-Z is a collection of over 300 haunted locations in the county of Hampshire, England. From the beautiful cathedral city of Winchester, the naval forts of Portsmouth and lonely spots of the New Forest, people have told of their encounters with the paranormal. Read about phantom landlords that never leave their pubs, sailors and smugglers that still linger near the coast, ghostly monks, grey ladies and aristocrats who choose to remain at their family seats. An easy A-Z format.

15x22 cms  147 pages  21 photos  £6.99             ISBN ~ 9781978035928

Paranormal Wiltshire. An A-Z

Paranormal Wiltshire An A-Z is a collection of over 400 haunted locations from the mysterious county of Wiltshire, England. Home to Stonehenge and Avebury, hill-forts, castles, ancient woodlands and centuries old inns; perfect settings for a ghost story. This book is a must for local ghost hunters - discover where the grey ladies, Civil War soldiers, monks, shucks and even Royal apparitions appear. All can be found between Aldbourne and Zeals.                         

15x22 cms   170 pages   22 photos          £6.99            ISBN ~ 1532852312                                                     Cover 'Solstice' ~ Paintings by Selena Wright 

Ghost Hunt Log

Ghost Hunt Log is a handy notebook to document any activity you may experience during your paranormal investigations. There are sections to record baseline tests, weather conditions,  EVP, photo and video footage notes; Also areas for recording temperatures, smells, sounds and even your own psychic impressions and historical notes. An essential piece of kit that doesn't require batteries!

17x25 cms    167 pages (50 investigations)    £4.99  ISBN ~ 1514239949