*I do not endorse any of these courses (accredited or not) There is no such thing as a qualified ghost hunter! There are new paranormal-type courses popping up all the time so if these are of interest I suggest you look into what they are hoping to teach you and who wrote the course - If this isn't transparent, save your money. 

I have enjoyed studying some online courses, purely to broaden my knowledge. Alongside my prime interest of Parapsychology, I felt it would be a good balance to have a basic knowledge of Psychology and Psychotherapy; to help understand those who are experiencing phenomena.                     I think researching case studies and belief systems help us develop our own theories, we can then understand common misconceptions and how to address them. There are no experts - anyone in the paranormal field will tell you so. The paranormal hasn't been proven, it consists of tall tales and personal experiences which need scrutinising, not merely accepting or dismissing outright. We must read as much as possible, learn about investigation methods and techniques, be logical and rule out all natural causes before claiming something could 'possibly' be paranormal. We are all trying to make sense of a subject which may never be fully explained, alternatively, in years to come what we think of as paranormal may be revealed as 'normal'. I remain sceptical, but open-minded....

                             Selena Wright 

Founder, Paranormal Wiltshire